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.... Desperate for fun .... Go Kima .... Ride free ... Rip it

  Kima waveriding  
Kima [ Ancient Greek ] noun, kee·ma: Wave
  • No-Stall design insures Kima returns to the window automatically

  • Amazing auto-relaunch

  • Extremly fast yet controled turning speed from our cutting-edge QIP wingtip design

  • Optimized for 4-line mode, with 5th line pocket

  • No-Clone design insures each kite size is individually designed & tuned for optimal performance

  • Excellent up wind performance


  • Low bar pressure

  • Kima riders stay out on the water for hours longer

  • 14mm speed pump system gets you off the beach & on the water in no time.

  • Amazing auto-relaunch




Available in White/Green and White/Blue




- 2 m²
- 5 m²
- 7 m²
- 9 m²
-11 m²


Kite Bar


All sizes can be used with our adjustable Zian kite bar










Aquila Kite



Kima can be used in two different setup:


- Free ride

Lots of depower, moderate turning speed and the self stabilizing profile asks hardly for any control. Combined with the automatic relaunch an easy kite to learn with or relaxed cruising.


- Ripp it

Lots of depower, super fast turning speed and the self stabilizing profile make the kite ideal to rip the waves. In this mode it relaunches as good as in the Free ride mode.


Properties Kima



  Wind range Kima