Our Teamriders 

We chose a group of open, honest and enthusiastic youngsters with a positive attitude to join us and 

BE Zian.


The technical team

The people behind the structure, the office and the organization. Production Managers, Product Designers and many other responsibilities...


Our own factory

Our own production facility in Sri Lanka. All kites are produced there and we invest a lot of energy to have happy, satisfied employees.


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Maarten van Es 

Age: 23
Years kitesurfing: 10
Preferred spot: Slufter, Zandmotor (Netherlands)
Preferred conditions/tricks: 30+ knots and megaloops.
About the person: I am not a competitive person. When there is no wind I’ll be hanging out with friends or I’ll be on the board. Doesn’t matter what board it is, snowboard or a skateboard as long as it ride it is ok for me. The biggest challenge in kitesurfing for me is pushing the limits. I like hard wind conditions because that is perfect to go hard. The new Zian Hantu is perfect for me because the kite gives a lot of lift and has enough boost when you loop it.
Why Zian: Because the people in the company are relax. The kites are not too expensive and the quality is good. Beside that I like the Hantu how it flies. For me the Hantu is perfect, good in freestyle and big air.

Jesse Bruinsma  

Age: 21
Country of Residence: The Netherlands
Competition results: 4rd NSK kite 2013
Why Zian kites: After I’ve tested different Zian kites (Aquila/Hantu) I was really stoked about the new Hantu. This is the perfect kite for me to make more progression then I did before!
Favorite spots: Brouwersdam/Slufter Bay
Favorite trick: Blind Judge 3
Upcoming plans:Unfortunately there wasn’t wind at the KTE Italy, for now on I will compete in the Dutch Nationals. After that I will see witch KTE stops are possible to visit for this year!
What came first the chicken or the egg? Why? I guess the chicken, because an egg has to be hatched out by a chicken. :)

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Amine Roussafi  

Age: 28 
Country of Residence: Morocco / Sri Lanka

Years Kitesurfing:  11

Best Trick:  Slim chance and dark slide 

Kitesurf competitions:  

KPWT (kite pro world tour)in Dakhla 2010 and i finished in 11th place freestyle.

3th freestyle and 2nd racing in national kitesurfing championship in Dakhla 2011.

5th in race redbull contest in Kalpitiya-Sri lanka 2012.

I participate in Pkra Dakhla wave discipline 2012-2013-2014.

In 2015 the PKRA turn to VKWC and managed to pass the qualification to the main event and end up 9th wave.

Sabrina Löhn  

Age: 20
Country of Residence: Germany
Years Kitesurfing: I started kitesurfing 2012 in Tarifa with Free your Mind.
Preferred spot: St. Peter Ording (Südstrand), Dakhla or my own little Dakhla in Germany (secretspot)
Events: Red Bull coast 2 coast 2013
Other hobbies: riding, wakeboarding or other action sports.
Why Zian: luckily I got the chance to test the Zian gear in the Netherlands. I love the Hantu. The diversity of this kite is amazing. I'm very happy to be a part of this growing Team and Company.
What came first the chicken or the egg: The chicken, cause there is no egg without a chicken.

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Technical Team

Robert Berends

(Robert, a Dutchman living in Austria) has been diligently working in the Kite industry since 2007. For five years he was the CEO of one of the world's largest Kite and Windsurfing sail manufacturers, where he learned the ins and outs of the trade. Robert came to the Kiteboarding industry from the industrial manufacturing sector, where quality is paramount - He has experience manufacturing train parts and composite aircraft parts, where there is a zero-defect tolerance. He contributes a great deal to Zian Kites including his deep knowledge of manufacturing to high quality specifications, the implementation of constant improvement processes and deep knowledge in cost effective production.

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 Sebastiaan van der Velden

Born 1975 in the Netherlands. Sebastiaan has 16 years of R&D expertise in multiple product fields at one of the largest multinationals on earth. Moving from one of the largest companies worldwide that is driven by marketers to a relatively small company that wants to stay away from marketers and importers requires some explanation. Although developing new products and protecting them with patents is fun, the real satisfaction is when ideas actually find their way to the market and you can see people using them. Direct contact with the customers, direct feedback on the products and shorter processes to develop and test ideas were his motivational drivers for this radical change.

Tanja Rosenkranz

Dedicated to kiteboarding and for 10 years, Tanja has collected a lot of experience traveling and competing around the globe. In 2013, she took 5th of the world championship in Dakhla/Morocco. Years ago, she settled in Tarifa, the mecca of kite boarding, and founded her water sports center which operates nowadays independently. Her studies of marketing and management and experience 'in the field', give Tanja the perfect precondition to share her knowledge and experience with Zian kiteboarding. She supported the set up of Zian's own factory in Sri Lanka in early 2015. Tanja takes care about the product management and design as well as production management at the factory in Sri Lanka. 

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Our Factory

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Siril is the production manager and is responsible for all issues related to the production. He manages a team of 50 employees and supervises the whole procedure. Siril has many years of experience in this capacity.


Laksiri is responsible for all import/export issues and is also the manager of the bar production. Laksiri has many years of experience and knows everything he needs for the import/export department to run smoothly.


Dinesh is our electronics wizard. Without him, the house probalbly wouldn't have electricity, let alone an internet connection. Dinesh is a great all-round talent and manages many backend processes of Zian.