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Zian Kitebar Version 3

What's new?

Double single line safety to single line safety

The Zian bar V3 comes equipped with a double frontline safety system.

Zian Kites are optimized to work with this system and we recommend using double frontline saftey systems.

If you prefer to use a single frontline flag out system, you can change this easily. Please watch this video for instructions:

Switch fast between double and single frontline safety

We want to emphasize that our bar cannot move up more than 5m when using the safety system.

This means that the single frontline safety may only function correctly up to 10m kites! Bigger kites will not lose all their power!

Please pay attention to the above points and never take unnecessary risks.

Read instructions for:

Double frontline safety setup
Single frontline safety setup

Clam Cleat Adjuster

Clam Cleats have been used in the kite market for years.

The seamless power adjustment makes it comfortable for each kitesurfer to control the power in every situation, on both the water and on land.

If over or under powered, the clam cleat always works and is a reliable segment of the Zian Kite Bar V3.

More depower

We added around 50cm of depower cord to the Kite bar V3, which gives more way to depower your kite.

To maintain the depower rope the best possible condition, watch this video turorial .

Floaters for better performance

For the Zian Kite Bar V3 we decided to extend and dilute  the floaters. This causes a lighter feeling and a weight loss.

Molded ultra-light bar stick break load > 200 kg

The Zian Kite Bar V3 includes an ergonomically designed bar stick and is completely molded.

One of the lightest bars on the market which allows for a direct light feeling and excellent performance.

Zian kite lines from Teufelberger

All kite lines are developed with Teufelberger from Austria.

  • Flying lines FL-32

    • Dynamax® 8-braided.

    • Diameter: 1.5mm

    • Breaking Load: 350 daN

  • Depower cord DPL-7

    • Dyneema® 12-braided

    • Diameter: 4.7 mm

    • Breaking Load 2200 daN

  • Middle and safetyline OL-2

    • Dyneema® 12-braided

    • Diameter: 2.9 mm

    • Breaking Load 880 daN

  • Dyneema Kite Sleeves

Zian Bar V3 -54 cm

The classic bar size which allows you to ride your Zian kites of all sizes, recommended above 9m2.

Line Setups

24 m 

22 m 

 19+ 5 m 

Zian Bar V3 -44 cm

Line Setups

22 m

19 m + 5 m

15 m + 5m